Monday, March 1, 2010

Been a while

Hey everyone,

It has been a while since I posted a blog. I have been very busy with my business and my band Narcolepts.

Narcolepts single "Cinnamon" was on 93.1 KxZI The Road Show for the Club Congress gig last saturday.

Narcolepts debut "Waking Up in Strange Places" will be out in late March.

I will post more when I have some more time on my current projects and my production tips and tricks and I have plenty of those ;)

Stay tuned.


Saturday, October 10, 2009

Beautiful Weather

The weather in Phoenix is becoming tolerable and at night it's beautiful.
Makes it more enjoyable to create and work on music without the double digits.
Good things ahead this month. Very excited about a couple projects that are going on right now. The perfect season!

Take Care,


Saturday, August 22, 2009

The importance of a good recording!

Hello Everyone,

Although I am really busy I wanted to share some insight on how getting good recorded tracks from the start saves a lot of hassel as the project moves forward. You can't depend on mixing - I repeat you can't depend on mixing or a good producer even for that matter to bring bad recorded tracks alive. If you want the best all around you better have me record your tracks as well ;) In all seriousness, this is the beginning of your sound and you need to nail this. If I get tracks done in other studios or home studios I can usually make them rock. If there is hiss or room noise - a good low pass, noise gate etc. might do the trick, but if you want the most natural and organic sound from your tracks test them out.

Problems happen with spikes, digital clips (no mans land and can't come back) poor recorded tracks are a death to a good song. Check your tracks or have myself or another professional do your song from scratch. You will get the most out of my magic if I have control from the start or know how the start was created. Garbage in garbage out. Take the extra time and nourish your song. The song and you deserve that extra commitment.

Although I handle all aspects of a song from birth to graduation. I sometimes get songs that have been tracked somewhere else so if this is the case - here are some tips.

1. Make sure you know what your playing.

2. Make sure you like the sound going in. Very crucical to get the sound you want when you are recording it. That way you know what your going to get.

3.If you are sequencing and using midi make sure your midi channels don't have a lot of noise associtaed to them. Check your tracks individually if you have to. Find the source and figure out a way around it. Midi has a very high gain most of the time and that can cause hiss. You might not notice on one track, but if you throw a bunch of midi tracks together you will hear it and it will kill the song.

4.If you are recording guitar, bass, drums, or anything else analog then make sure your instrument cables, microphones, stomp boxes, etc. are giving you the desired sound and not static. If you hear radio stations, weird artifacts there could be a number of reasons why. I would always check with the cables first. Good converters, good power supplies, good grounding, are life savers when it comes to solid tone and a good sound.

5.Know your arrangement and don't depend on the mixing engineer to do 6 different mixes because your song wasn't ready - unless the mixing engineer is also being commisioned to produce and arrange.

6.If you play a part and you don't nail it, then find someone who can. The song, arrangement, and the playing will enhance the emotion and feel and even if it was recorded in a cardboard box you will still feel some kind of magic from it. Don't skip the quality all around. Even though I play multiple instruments, I wouldn't attempt to play a cello since I don't play cello. I would find a great cello player to enhance my production. The same should go to putting a song together. I play a lot of the instruments for my clients and sometimes my clients don't play anything at all. Find the right sound for the right part.

7.I love making music for a living and being able to make peoples dream come true. I love working with bands/singers, I love being in a band. Just remember the first step to anything is usually the most important because it determines where the next step will take you. A song is a life. Raise it right. ;)

Monday, July 13, 2009

Narcolepts on the Great Unknowns podcasting and interview

Narcolepts was featured on The Great Unknowns

Also you can see the interview here interview

Also Here is some information on the man behind the great unknowns

Thanks Michael it was a blast.

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